Missouri’s House Minority Leader is criticizing the budget process after Gov. Mike Parson promised he will issue some line-item vetoes. Rep. Crystal Quade, D-Springfield, said that the budget process was “essentially two people doing it behind closed doors without input from anyone.”

“You know, in my opinion, this was a political move for folks who are running for higher office to be able to say that they slashed our budget by billions of dollars,” she told Missourinet. “None of that is true. That’s all a lie. We have to go back to fund the services, again, that we have promised Missourians and Governor Parson has openly said that as well.”

Quade agreed that lawmakers need to be “conservative” with spending.

“The surplus that we have right now is not going to last forever,” she said. “The Biden Administration sent money down after COVID and that’s what we are surviving on in our state. The Republicans over the years have given so many massive tax cuts to the wealthy in our state that we know even more are still coming and so when we look to our budgetary future, we’re not going to be in the same situation that we are for the next four years.”

Quade said that the upcoming budget does not pay the bills and feels that lawmakers will have to put more money into it later on.

“We do have to go line-by-line and make sure that we’re investing in things that matter to folks, not, you know, building, you know, something specific for one politician in their backyard, which you will see in this budget, a lot of, and we’re expecting the governor to veto a lot of what we call the pork in there,” she said. “So, yes, as governor, I will be making sure that our budget reflects the priorities of our state.”

Quade discussed the budget during a campaign stop in Jefferson City. She is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor.

Despite being responsible for helping to craft the budget, Senate Appropriations Chair Lincoln Hough, R-Springfield, said he is worried that lawmakers failed to add enough funding for some critical programs.

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