Missouri has carried out its second execution of the year. At 6:11 p.m., David Hosier was pronounced dead at the state prison in southeast Missouri’s Bonne Terre.

He died by lethal injection for the 2009 killing of his ex-lover, Angela Gilpin. Law enforcement also found the body of Gilpin’s husband, Rodney, in her apartment. Hosier was ultimately convicted of killing Angela.

Missouri Department of Corrections spokesperson Karen Pojmann said Hosier was given a sedative and a lethal dose of five grams of pentobarbital.

David Hosier (Photo courtesy of Missouri Department of Corrections)

David Hosier (Photo courtesy of Missouri Department of Corrections)

Missourinet served as a witness in Tuesday’s execution. When the curtains opened to witness Hosier dying, he was atop a gurney wearing a white top and glasses, with a white sheet pulled to his upper body.

Hosier, 69, moved his head a couple of times. He did not appear to struggle in his final moments.

Prosecutors offered Hosier a life sentence but he refused to take the deal. Hosier maintained his innocence throughout the years.

Prosecutors said Hosier was found hours after the crimes in Oklahoma, with 400 rounds of ammunition and 15 guns. Angela Gilpin had filed a verified adult abuse/stalking petition for order of protection against Hosier, citing constant stalking, false reports by Hosier to the Jefferson City Police Department, and Hosier’s violent behavior in previous marriages.

His spiritual advisor, Rev. Jeff Hood, saw Hosier through to the end.

“Obviously, the state didn’t think he should be executed in the first place or they wouldn’t have offered him a life sentence. By offering him a life sentence, what they’re saying is that, ‘This guy is, you know, fine enough not to be executed.’ And now they’re executing. I mean, the system is absurd,” said Hood.

Last week, Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty dropped off nearly 7,000 signatures to Gov. Mike Parson’s office. The anti-death penalty group asked the governor to block the execution.

Hood was one of the members dropping off signatures.

“How can you go all over the state and teach children not to kill by killing,” asked Hood. “You can’t. I mean, we are in a place where we have to think about not just what we are doing to David Hosier, but also what we are doing to ourselves. What is the execution of David Hosier going to do to us? How can you go all over the state and teach children not to kill, by killing? You can’t. Are we going to be any better off on Wednesday morning than we were on Tuesday morning?”

On Monday, Parson issued a statement saying Missouri would carry out Hosier’s death sentence.

“Ms. Angela Gilpin had her life stolen by David Hosier because he could not accept it when she ended their romantic involvement. He displays no remorse for his senseless violence,” Parson said. “For these heinous acts, Hosier earned maximum punishment under the law. I cannot imagine the pain experienced by Angela’s and Rodney’s loved ones but hope that carrying out Hosier’s sentence according to the Court’s order brings closure. Although Hosier did not receive an additional conviction for murdering Rodney, the jury in Angela’s trial determined that Hosier murdered both victims as it related to Hosier’s sentence. No court has ever found any error in Hosier’s case.”

There were 52 protesters opposed to the death penalty on the grounds of the prison today.

The state had six witnesses serving on its behalf. The Gilpins had eight and Hosier had six.

No statements were provided on behalf of the Gilpins.

Here’s Hosier’s final statement:

Pojmann said Hosier’s body will be cremated. If the ashes are not claimed, they will be stored somewhere, possibly at a nearby funeral home. His belongings will be turned over to his legal team.

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