Heavy rainfall fell in parts of Missouri overnight – leaving a mark on some areas of the Show Me State.

About eight inches of rain hit the southeast Missouri area of Marble Hill and Glen Allen overnight, leading to some reported levee breaks.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt.Clark Parrott said water levels piled up quickly but have also lowered rapidly in southeast Missouri.

“When it came in, it came in fast,” he said. “But then the water has already started to recede within, I would say, within about three hours it receded, or was beginning to recede. There may be some bridges, low water low water crossings, things like that, that still have water across them that we’ve not gotten to yet. So, we just encourage people to turn around and not drown. Find an alternate way around.”

A shelter has opened in Marble Hill at the First Baptist Church for people who have been forced out of their home due to flooding.

In southwest Missouri, five to seven inches were reported in Lawrence County.

No injuries have been reported. The extent of damage is unknown at this time.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is helping local first responders in southeast Missouri.

Mike O’Connell, spokesman for the Missouri Department of Public Safety, said the State Emergency Management Agency has not received any requests for state assistance at this point.

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