Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources has approved a no-discharge permit for Valley Oaks Steak Company of Lone Jack. The permit issued Friday by DNR will allow Valley Oaks Steak Company to house almost 7,000 cattle on their property outside Lone Jack, about 30 miles southeast of Kansas City. DNR says their staff has reviewed the application for completeness and compliance with the state’s clean water laws and commission regulations.

One argument in support of the plan is the expansion would help producers because of demand for yearling cattle and for the corn to feed them.

In separate responses to critics of the permit, notably Powell Gardens, DNR says that various issues raised, ranging from impacts on air quality and sensitive wildlife to economic and overall quality of life, didn’t fall within the scope of this permit action. Many of those testifying against the proposed expansion also cite concerns about property values and threats to the aesthetics of Powell Gardens, located within three miles of the operation.

Critics have 30 days to appeal DNR’s decision to the state Administrative Hearing Commission.

By Kyle Hill of Missourinet affiliate KDKD in Clinton