As I’m making my way to the stadium on Saturday before the Mizzou-Georgia game, I come down the stairs of the parking garage and see three college guys in the stairwell…I’m pretty sure they’re sniffing coke–Should have I pulled out the dad speech or if was O.K. to just mind my own business? I’m struggling with this one.

I’m a sports reporter, but I also talk about other things on this podcast besides sports…mostly sports, but not always. Hope you give a listen.  Oh, and my boss likes me to warn you about some language.  Nothing too bad today.  I think I called a coach, bastard?

Anyway, give a listen–try it out.  If you don’t come away saying, “You know what?  That wasn’t that bad!” Then you don’t have to listen anymore, but I think you’ll like it!   Thanks!