Work continues to make repairs after two Burlington Northern freight trains collided yesterday in the town of Sleeper in South Central Missouri. Crews work on the scene of a train collision

Emergency management director Jonathan Ayres says the engineers suffered minor injuries when the trains derailed at a switching station.

According to emergency managment, Monday at 8:30 a.m., a train vs. train collision was reported to the Laclede County Sheriff’s Department Communications Center. Crews from the Sleeper Fire Department, Laclede County Office of Emergency Management, Laclede County Sheriff’s Department and St. Johns EMS made initial contact at the scene and took immediate protective measures; including the extrication of two crew members from the lead engine of the westbound train.

Three rail engines and twelve rail cars were derailed.

Laclede Electric had one service affected – to a railroad switch house in the area — which was completely destroyed when the rail engine struck the switch house. No other outages are reported.

Burlington Northern has contractors on scene removing the derailed cars and debris; and reconstructing track. Burlington Northern hopes to have the main line reopened to traffic today.

For more pictures from the site, visit the Office of Emergency Management Web site .

Jason Rima reports [Download/listen MP3]