We’re not going to legally betting on the ponies anytime soon in Missouri, but the stage is being set for a time when we might be able to do that.

The last time we heard about horse racing was in the early 90s when the legislature refused to pass a bill that would have allowed a track to develop in St. Charles County. Horse racing was so dormant for so long that some members of the horse racing commission had died before Governor Blunt appointed new members this year.

Horse racing comes under the state gaming commission, headed by Gene McNary, who remembers going to horse races at fairs when he was a little boy and remembers it was fun. He decided to see if interest could be rejuvenated. He says the racing commission has talked about reviving horse racing at the fair level and maybe getting a major track. "We want to see what’s out there," he says.

But he says there’s nothing in the wings. Legal horse race betting for Missouri is still just talk.

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