Supporters and opponents of what backers call the Farm and Food Preservation Act are spending time at the Capitol, pitching their cases to Senators who will soon take up this bill. The legislation, SB 364 , would prevent counties from enacting health ordinances that would restrict farming activities. It would also shield farming activities from most lawsuits.

Shannon Goosen, a family farmer in Cole Camp in west-central Missouri, says his hog operations are in a bit of a bind – not because of any county ordinances, but because of the threat of lawsuits.

David Morton, a family farmer from Macon in north-central Missouri, wants protection from what he sees as corporate farms moving in and bringing down the value of the property. And, he flatly rejects arguments the easing of the restrictions will be needed to ensure Missouri has an adequate food supply in years to come.

The legislation could come to the Senate floor as early as this week.

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