State Representative John Bowman (D-St. Louis) returned to the State Capitol three days after federal prosecutors indicted him and 16 others in a bank and credit card fraud scheme. Bowman spoke briefly with reporters, stating that he has been advised by his attorney that he should not comment on the case. He adds, “I will be exonerated and I will have my day in court.” Bowman had not been at the Capitol or in the House chambers since the indictment was handed down Monday in St. Louis. He said he received a warm reception from both Democrats and Republicans. The indictment accuses former Bank of America Vice President Robert Conner of recruiting Bowman and others to submit false applications for small-business credit cards. It alleges Bowman obtained a $4,000 cash advance using a fraudulent credit line at a St. Louis bank branch and obtained materials worth at least $1,000 during a one-year period.Bowman says he will continue to represent his district as he fights the indictment in court. Bowman is a member of the House Budget Committee and also is chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus.
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