For one of Missouri’s U.S. Senators, it was “old hat,” but for the state’s newest member of the Senate, it was anything but routine as President Bush delivered his State of the Union Address. Senator Kit Bond likes what he heard from President Bush as far as a commitment to Iraq goes. Bond says the President’s proposal for dealing with the situation in that country must be given a chance. Freshman Senator Claire McCaskill has concerns about the direction in which this country is headed in Iraq. She thinks it’s time for Iraq to step up and take care of its own internal affairs. As for the experience of sitting in the House of Representatives, listening to the State of the Union speech, McCaskill says, “Being in that room with all of the elected leaders in the federal government, with the President’s Cabinet, with the military leaders, with the Supreme Court Justices, with the President and the Vice President – that is just a tremendous moment, and I am really, honestly humbled.”

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