Two cases have Missouri state officials concerned about the specter of rabies, even though no Missourian has died from rabies in 45 years. One comes from Kansas City, the other from St. Louis. State Veterinarian Doctor Howard Pue has reviewed prelminary information on both and says it appears less and less likely rabies is the culprit but he says the two cases should be a wake-up call to Missourians. Rabies hasn’t claimed a human victim in some time. It’s likely the death in Kansas City can be attributed to some form of encephalitis, perhaps brought on by West Nile. Rabies hasn’t been completed ruled out, though preliminary tests cast doubt that rabies caused the death. An adolescent girl remains in a coma in St. Louis. Tests are being run to determine the cause of her illness. It also seems unlikely rabies is the cause in that illness.