Murder suspect David Zink confesses to jurors that he murdered Amanda Morton after bumping into her car near Strafford, just off Interstate 44. Zink is being tried in Osceola by a jury imported from Lafayette County on a change of venue. Morton’s body was found in St. Clair County three years ago. Zink told jurors on opening day he did murder Amanda Morton of Strafford, stating “I snapped. She was killed. It was a homicide. We’re here to determine what degree of homicide this is”. Zink’s public defenders will try to show that Zink was a troubled child who made bad choices and ultimatly landed in prison. Zink has resisted their help, attempting to defend himself in the trial. Prosecutors say Zink purposely rammed Morton’s car, abducted her, strangled her, then stabbed her in the back. Zink contends that Morton went with him willingly and later threatened to call police after getting scared about what her parents would think. His defense says this pressure, along with his mental state, is what pushed him to kill her. A 9-1-1 call played for jurors discloses Morton was confused about where she was, giving the dispatcher incorrect directions. By the time authorities arrived at the correct destination, Morton and the pick-up that rear-ended her car were gone. A couple of guys who saw the two vehicles that night both said they never saw or heard a struggle and never saw Morton leave with a man. The trial is expected to last ten days. Zink could face the death penalty.