The Associated Press has reported that the FBI obtained over two-dozen hours of recordings of Ricky Clemons on the phone at the Boone County Jail. They’ve also gotten mail he received at the jail. The FBI wouldn’t comment on why they wanted the tape other than to say it’s part of an on-going investigation. Clemons, who was dismissed from the Missouri basketball team last month, is expected to be released on Sunday. University of Missouri media relations department declined to comment to the Missourinet on the situation and a call placed to Athletic Director Mike Alden’s office last night, has not been returned. The NCAA is also investigating claims made by Clemons former girlfriend. She says he received money and clothes at Mizzou and that he had at least one paper written for him. Teh Kansas City Star reports that sources close to the College of Southern Idaho say the NCAA’s investigation is now looking into the recruitment of Uche Okafor, who was ruled ineligible in 2001 for being on the roster of a pro team in Russia. He came to Mizzou from CSI but never played a game as a Tiger.