I’m out of superlatives. And so is everyone else. What more can you say about the offense of the St. Louis Rams? The Rams are playing a game that no one in the NFL has ever seen, and that is not just overstatement and hype. On Sunday, the Rams scored every single time their offense got the ball. They never punted. They never turned the ball over. They scored eleven straight times, until finally, quarterback Trent Green took a knee to end the game. And San Diego supposedly has a good defense. Many factors have come together to enable the Rams to run roughshod over the NFL this way. First of all, they have great talent. Kurt Warner is the NFL’s best quarterback right now, because of his accuracy and decision making. And the league’s best QB is surrounded by the league’s best assemblage of pass-catchers. But give credit to Mike Martz, who is not afraid to turn these guys loose. He knows what he has, and he ATTACKS. The best offenses, just like the best defenses, attack rather than playing conservatively. The Rams threw on their first 17 plays yesterday. So much for establishing the run.