Why does it take the Chiefs so long to figure out when to let a player go? Tamarick Vanover, who was only mildly interested in football, and more interested in moonlighting in his less-than-legal part-time sales job, was a Chief about two years too long. Bam Morris was even less interested in football, and even more interested in sales. And the Chiefs wanted to keep him employed at Arrowhead. Now comes Dave Szott. Szott really shouldn’t be lumped in any conversation with ex and future cons Vanover and Morris, but he does have one thing in common with them: The Chiefs should let him go. Szott wants to go. He has asked the Chiefs to trade him to a team closer to New Jersey, where his son attends a special facility for children with cerebral palsy. Szott has been a good soldier in Kansas City for ten years, starting at left guard. The Chiefs may not be able to find anyone quite as good, but sometimes you need to do the right thing. The right thing would have been to cut Vanover and Morris a long time ago. And the right thing would be to let Dave Szott be with his son.