UCLA is threatening to sue the University of Missouri because Mizzou is backing out of a committment to play the Bruins in football. It’s a tricky situation, and both sides have valid viewpoints. Missouri made a mistake in its scheduling. If the Tigers stuck to their contract, they would have to play UCLA and Michigan State in the same year, not to mention a conference schedule that would include the likes of Nebraska, Kansas State, and other tough Big 12 foes. Frankly, the Tigers would be completely overmatched by that lineup, and it’s just not smart scheduling. It is important to play a solid non-conference schedule, but in reality, that means one game against a big-time foe, and a couple games you should win. UCLA officials say they are upset because Mizzou backed out of a contract. That’s true, but it happens all the time in college football. The problem is, this particular contract didn’t include a specific buyout price, so UCLA is threatening to sue for damages. It makes Missouri look bad, but if the Tigers want any shot at a bowl game, they did what they had to do, which was dodge the Bruins.