Parents who feel they have no choice but to throw away their babies are being offered another choice by the state senate. The news stories are a tragedy. A young mother, either not wanting her newborn baby, unable to care for a newborn, or afraid of the reaction of others, tries to solve her problem by putting the baby in a garbage can. Ladue Senator Betty Sims has won senate approval of a plan that would let those mothers give custody of the child to a hospital, whcih then makes the baby available for adoption. The mother and the father would not be considered criminals. Sims’ plan would immediately terminate parental rights. The parents would be immune from criminal charges if they provide medical information and the birthdate of the child. If one of the parents does not want to give up the baby, that parent has 30 days to seek custody. If the information is not provided, the state can try to get it. Sims’ plan relieves the hospital of any liability for accepting the child.