Former Chief Justice weighs in on Britt Reid’s commuted sentence (LISTEN)

by | Mar 6, 2024

Governor Mike Parson commuted the sentence of Britt Reid, the son of Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who had been convicted of driving while intoxicated and causing a crash that severely injured then-5-year-old Ariel Young just days before the Super Bowl. Reid pleaded guilty and received a three-year prison sentence in November 2022. Surprisingly, approximately 15 months later, he is out of jail. This development has raised eyebrows, with concerns about the timing and optics of his release.

Public reactions on social media to Governor Parson’s decision have been predominantly unfavorable. Various claims and opinions have circulated, prompting a need for a historical perspective and addressing the legal aspects of this commuted sentence. Michael Wolff, former Missouri Supreme Court judge and chief justice, shared insights and answered some of the litigation questions surrounding this decision.