The 2024 State of the State address will be delivered at 3 p.m. by Gov. Mike Parson.

Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden, R-Columbia, lays out his expectations for what he hopes the governor covers.

“I assume he’s going to hit on a bunch of the things that he’s talked about over the course of his last six years,” Rowden told reporters Wednesday. “I think he wants to finish strong, as do I, on some of the stuff that he’s talked about – infrastructure, workforce development.”

Regarding infrastructure, recent reports indicate Parson could mention a plan to revamp I-44. 

“I think him speaking to finding ways to get the growth of the budget under control, I think, is something that he’s going to be interested in,” Rowden said. “(It’s) something that we’re interested in. We had a great opportunity last year to provide tremendous one-time investments in a lot of important things, I-70 and other things.”