Some Republican politicians in Missouri are voicing opposition to the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling that disqualifies Donald Trump from the presidential ballot in that state.

The 4-3 ruling declared that Trump violated the U.S. Constitution’s insurrection clause on January 6th, 2021.

Former Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, though, seems to think the high court in Colorado made the right decision.

“I’ve not gone through the entirety of the record and (am) not really that aware of Colorado law as it relates to the federal amendments,” Nixon told Missourinet. “But you know, from my chair looking from Missouri when January 6 was happening and looking in that TV – it looked like an insurrection to me.”

But two Republicans who are running for Missouri governor are speaking out against the ruling. State Sen. Bill Eigel called the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision “outrageous,” while Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said it was both wrong and would cause confusion in the November election. When Missourinet asked how the ruling would cause confusion, his office did not respond.

Fellow Republican Caleb Rowden, President Pro-tem of the Missouri Senate, called the ruling “ridiculous,” and said on X, formerly known as Twitter, that it “absolutely increases the chances” of Trump winning the presidency in 2024.

The case appears destined for the U.S. Supreme Court. Nixon said, though, that the U.S. Supreme Court should have the final word on whether Colorado voters will get to vote for Trump.

“I think that it’s important that (the Colorado Supreme Court) did that in a timeframe, the same way as the special counsel did, so the United States Supreme Court would have the opportunity to act and have its voice heard prior to the general election if they so desired,” he said.

Nixon now works with the No Labels campaign, which is working towards finding a third-party candidate for president in the event that Democrats and Republicans renominate Joe Biden and Donald Trump respectively.

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