Some parts of Missouri are not getting the vibrant leaf show that comes with fall, in large part because of the ongoing drought.

Russell Hinnah is Community Forest Coordinator for the Missouri Department of Conservation. He told Missourinet it depends on how much or little rain some areas get.

“Recently, I was just at Arrow Rock State Park west of Boonville and there’s a lot of trees up there that have already dropped their leaves,” he said. “I think that’s going to be the case in some areas of the state.”

Hinnah said, though, that a variety of colors can be found in portions of the Show-Me State.

“From the recent reports that we got, (it) looks like possibly (the) southeastern part of the state would have some better color, towards Cape Girardeau,” he said. “And northeast, appears, northeastern part towards Kirksville might have a little bit better fall color.”

Leaves usually peak in mid-October in Missouri, though it can vary based on what part of the state you’re in – the further south, the later the leaves peak.

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