As 2024 Republican presidential contenders make noise and Democratic incumbent Joe Biden prepares for another run, the group No Labels is working to find a strong third-party candidate to challenge the usual contenders.

Former Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has joined the group as its Ballot Integrity Director. He told Missourinet about the effort to seek out a potential third-party presidential candidate.

“My efforts here is working with the lawyers and others around the country,” he said. “And so watching that, making sure that we’re making the right and consistent arguments, and getting people what the statutes and constitution allow them to have – petitioning their government by putting folks on by petition on the ballot.”

Nixon said, though, that No Labels won’t act as a spoiler, tipping the presidential election to either the Democratic or Republican nominees.

“That is incredibly clear,” he said. “There’s either going to be a candidate for president and vice president (that) can win, or they will pull the plug.”

Nixon cited a number of polls that say a majority of Americans don’t want a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“I think the public would respond well to an opportunity if the right candidates were chosen and put forward to break the logjam of partisanship that appears so often to be shutting down our federal government,” he said.

As far as any possible contenders, Nixon said no one has been chosen yet as it’s far too early in the process. However, former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman appeared at a recent No Labels town hall meeting in New Hampshire, along with Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia.

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