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Such a fun podcast. I’ve got reports from the Chiefs in Miami getting ready for Super Bowl LIV and you’ll hear from Patrick Mahomes who is cherishing every moment of his week in Miami. After a 50 year wait, Chiefs fans get a chance to celebrate another title.  (Chiefs coverage begins at 0:00)

Meanwhile, fans are still celebrating the 51-year wait of the St. Louis Blues championship. Monday the Stanley Cup was at the Capitol in Jefferson City. I talked with fans who shared their feelings on what it means to touch the Cup. (Fan reaction to the Cup in Jefferson City begins at 6:15)

Plus, the man who has probably handled the Cup more than any other person on this planet, Phil Pritchard. He’s the Keeper of the Cup. Find out how he landed a dream job, and the two places he’s traveled with the Cup that stick out the most in his mind. (My conversation with Phil begins at 11:15)