Missouri’s fiscal year 2020 is underway and the state budget is a whopping $29.7 billion. Here are the highlights of the budget plan:

Missouri enters a new budget year

*About 30% of the fiscal blueprint covers the healthcare costs of Missourians on Medicaid

*1.5% rate increases to Medicaid providers

*Gives corrections employees a pay raise of at least 3% for new workers and as much as 13% for 20-year veterans

*A 3% pay boost for all other state workers

*$50 million in general revenue for $301 million in bonding to repair 250 bridges

*$50 million for a cost-share program with local municipalities to fund road repairs

*$3.55 billion to fully fund the formula used to fund Missouri’s K-12 public schools – an increase of about $60 million from the previous state budget year.

*$108 million to fund K-12 public school bus transportation costs – a $5 million increase from the previous fiscal year.

*Core funding increased for all of Missouri’s public universities by $1 million with some, including Missouri State University, receiving as much as a $10 million boost. State Technical College received a $500,000 core increase and $500,000 for deferred maintenance.

*$5 million for alternatives to jail program for pre-trail electronic ankle bracelets

*$5 million for rural broadband grants

*$8 million in flood recovery aid

Gov. Mike Parson, a Republican, did not veto any line items in the budget – an uncommon occurrence for governors to take regardless of party.

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