Former UM System President Gary Forsee agrees with MU Interim Chancellor Dr. Hank Foley’s position that rekindling pride in Mizzou is important for all Missourians.

Gary Forsee

Gary Forsee

“It’s now time for Missourians to show that we’re behind the University, to be sure that the University is accountable for the things that they can control and for the citizens of Missouri to be sure they’ve got the support. This is an incredibly important state asset,” Forsee says.

Forsee, the University of Missouri Review Commission’s Vice Chair, is pleased with last week’s presentation from Dr. Foley in Columbia.

“Well, I think the Chancellor, coming over and sharing his thoughts with us was an important opportunity for us to again get more commonly grounded on what’s going on. We’re coming from eight different places in terms of individuals on the Commission. So we’re getting our footing,” Forsee says.

Forsee says Mizzou is an economic asset, adding that it’s how children, students and faculty thrive. Forsee served as UM System President from late 2007 to January 2011.

The Review Commission’s next meeting hasn’t been set.