Senator Brian Munzlinger (R-Williamstown) feels confident that his proposed changes for concealed carry permits will pass before the Missouri legislative session ends Friday. They would charge a $100 fee for the permits and a fee for background checks.

Senator Brian Munzlinger

Senator Brian Munzlinger

“Capping the fee just actually puts it back to the original intent, which was for them to only collect $100, but we’ve got a sheriff or two that wants to collect $100 plus the background check,” said Munzlinger.

Several provisions are attached to the measure, including expansion of Missouri’s “castle doctrine”, that would let people who are guests in a home use deadly force to defend themselves and others in that home.

The legislation includes a so-called “stand your ground” provision, which would allow deadly force to be used without retreating by a person who thinks a reasonable threat exists. Opponents say the provisions don’t reduce crime.

Munzlinger’s bill would also let Missourians who can legally own guns carry them concealed anywhere they can now openly carry, and do so without a permit. Critics says law enforcement wants people carrying concealed weapons to have to meet permit requirements.

“It allows our second amendment rights for people to protect themselves,” said Munzlinger.

The proposal awaits a final vote in both chambers. If Munzlinger’s bill passes, he believes he has enough votes to override a potential veto by Governor Nixon.