Ned Yost still likes his team's chances for Game 6 and 7.

Ned Yost still likes his team’s chances for Game 6 and 7.

I’m not calling myself a baseball expert, otherwise I would be coaching somewhere, but I wanted to set the record straight with some fans who are trying to peg this 5-0 loss on Ned Yost for making wrong decisions.

On this video, I’ll walk you through two scenarios that I saw pop up the most where fans took to social media during and after the game trying to blame Yost.

The first…the handling of Billy Butler off the bench and the second was the handling of his star relievers Kelvin Herrera and Wade Davis.

In each move (or not move) that Yost made, they were correct…things just didn’t work out. Now, the Royals find themselves down 3-2 in the World Series with the games 6 and 7 set for Kauffman Stadium.

I’m going to give you one little nugget of information to hold onto. Yes the Royals beat Jake Peavy and Tim Hudson in their starts, but if the Royals are going to “Take The Crown,” they’ll have to also beat relief pitcher Yusmeiro Petit. More on that coming up before Game 6.