Senator McCaskill hopes for quick Senate action on the campus sexual assault bill she has been working on for several months.

She has been holding roundtable discussions with college officials and other meetings trying to determine the scope of the problem and which of varying approaches works best.  She admits there are some things she had to give up to get the bipartisan co-sponsors.

The bill requires any schools getting federal funds  to designate confidential advisers who can meet with sexual assault victims; to train competent personnel to look into allegations; and to work with local law enforcement.  “I think there’s a chance that we can get some floor time and pass this in fairly quick order in September,” she says.

The bill also says allegations against student athletes must be investigated through the general University process, not by the athletic department.  And it sets up financial penalties for schools that don’t comply.

Although she hopes for a fast track in the Senate, she says it’s anybody’s guess what will happen in the House.

AUDIO: McCaskll conference call