One of the issues on next Tuesday’s ballot has no recognized opposition.

Blue Springs State Representative Sheila Solon has been trying to get this issue to the ballot for four years since learning the Veterans Trust Fund was going broke.  The fund is used to build and maintain veterans’ homes and cemeteries, and outreach assistance programs for veterans.

Her proposal creates a special lottery ticket to benefit veterans’ programs.  Analysts think ticket sales could raise $6,000,000 a year.

Solon says Missouri’s seven veterans homes have waiting lists of 1300 people, but the waiting time to get in one is nine months.  She says the state needs to build an eighth home and needs money to bring the Mexico Veterans Home up to federal standards.

Solon doesn’t think the new ticket will divert money away from regular tickets that raise money for education. In fact, she says, other states’ experience indicates a veterans ticket revitalizes regular lottery ticket sales.

AUDIO: Solon interview 10:36