A House committee votes Thursday on a resolution asking the Departments of Transportation and Conservation to follow the Office of Administration’s proposed best practices.

Chairman of the Committee on Downsizing State Government, Representative Paul Curtman (R-Pacific), proposed the resolution.

“It’s important that the Department of Conservation and the Department of Transportation cooperate as much as is possible,” says Curtman. “Conservation and Transportation don’t always have the oversight from the legislature that a lot of other beaurocracies have, so this is a policy recommendation which would ask them to comply a little bit with the Office of Administration or at least keep open some lines of communication.”

Curtman says his committee will continue looking for ways for the state to be more efficient. He says Missourians can see more of its work and offer suggestions on a website it created, DownsizingMOGov.com.


See the chart and the letter referenced in the video