The National Weather Service says it has found evidence of an EF-1 tornado in southeast Bollinger County, that touched down during storms Halloween night.

The tornado traveled east along a half-mile path beginning one mile west of Leopold. Winds are estimated to have reached up to 95 miles-per-hour.  It is believed to have touched down at about 6:54.

This follows the findings of the NWS survey team that another EF-1 tornado touched down south of Cape Girardeau last night. That twister traveled a damage path about four miles long and 150 yards wide with peak wind speeds of 105 miles-per-hour. It touched down at about 7:05 last night.

The team also says a microburst is what caused wind damage in south Cape Girardeau last night. That event is believed to have happened at about 7:15 with winds peaking at about 95 miles per hour.

A microburst is a narrow column of sinking air that can produce straight-line winds that can cause damage in some cases comparable to that cause by tornadoes.