Today, I have Kevin McCrarey with me talking about the beat down that Oregon gave to Tennessee. Is this a preview of things to come? Fans outside the SEC and maybe some inside the conference are thinking that Oregon could beat the SEC for the BCS title. Can we base that off of what we saw from one game?

Somewhat of a sleeper week, but a good game between Tennessee and Florida. The Vols will go from the most explosive offense in the country to the Gators who continue to struggle. Florida moved the ball against Miami, but the Gators turned it over five times.

Auburn at LSU. Auburn got three picks against Washington State, held Arkansas State, (where Gus Malzahn was last season), to no touchdowns…then pulled out a last minute win over Mississippi State to snap a ten-game losing streak. However, at 6th ranked LSU, that’s a whole different animal.