Gov. Jay Nixon today applauded the Missouri House of Representatives for sustaining his veto of House Bill 253, which he vetoed in June.

Gov veto session 091113Nixon has been traveling the state for the past few months warning Missourians that the bill had an “unaffordable price tag” that “would have a devastating impact on public schools and other vital services.”

In an e-mailed statement, Nixon says, “Missourians are fiscally conservative folks who want good jobs in their communities and quality schools for their kids.  Over the past several months they have fought to defend those bedrock principles from being undermined by a reckless experiment — and today, they won. I applaud the legislators from both parties who came together to sustain my veto of this fiscally irresponsible bill, which would have defunded our schools and weakened our economy.  Today’s vote represents a defining moment for our state and a victory for all Missourians.”

The coalition supporting the Governor’s veto of House Bill 253 included more than 150 groups representing educators, business leaders, health providers, first responders and Missourians with disabilities. Business groups opposing House Bill 253 included the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City and the chambers of commerce in Springfield, Columbia, Callaway and Hallsville.

AUDIO: Governor Nixon discusses veto session with reporters (3:30)