The announcer at the Missouri State Fair rodeo Saturday night says that’s not his voice you hear inciting the crowd and disparaging President Obama.  He says it’s the clown in the arena, who was wearing a wireless microphone.

The announcer for the event was Mark Ficken, the Boonville School Superintendent who was elected President of the Missouri Cowboy Rodeo Association earlier in the day on Saturday. He tells the Missourinet in an early morning interview, “At no point…was I involved in any way shape or form with the audio that dealt with the President of the United States.  That came from the clown inside the arena.”

He tells us, “At no time do I say anything even remotely derogatory.  The only thing I say is, ‘Watch out for that bull, Obama, watch out.'”

Ficken says the association has taken action against the clown.  While he says he’s not at liberty to say what action was taken, he says the clown will not be appearing in an association rodeo ring again.

Ficken ws a bareback bronc rider for several years before moving to the announcing booth.

AUDIO: Ficken interview 4:06