When you think of people in their 70s and 80s, you probably don’t think of them chatting on cell phones and surfing the web. But a new study shows some older Missourians do just that.

Missouri State University associate professor of gerontology Carol Gosselink led the study and she says it’s something older people are doing more and more each day.

“A lot of older people are engaged and very much enthusiastic about the technology,” said Gosselink.

Gosselink and four students at Missouri State gathered data from 100 people 60 years of age or older to find out how the older generations are adapting to technology. The study found that older people are using a lot of the technology to communicate.

“If they don’t know how to text or use facebook or send pictures,” said Gosselink. “They’re not going to be as interactive with their adult children, their grandchildren, great grand children. So they’re highly motivated to become technologically savvy.”

While they’re not all logging onto facebook just yet, most of the older generation uses technology to communicate in other ways.

“Cell phones were most commonly used,” said Gosselink. “And that was almost by 100%”

Most people in the older generations also use technology that can help them in their everyday lives like GPS or online banking.

Gosselink says she hopes to continue the study to gather more findings. She worked with students Brian Jefferis, Emily Kiehne, Kristine Sinor and Kelsey Maloney to gather the data and present the findings.

AUDIO: Matt Evans reports (1:04)