Some voters might run into some problems at the polling place today. The state’s top election official says there are things voters can do to minimize chance they’ll have those problems.

Some things are basic. Make sure you’re registered and make sure you know where your polling place is. Some have moved since redistricting. Know what kind of identification you need.

But, says Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, some voters will find their name is not on the list when they go to a polling place.

                               AUDIO: Carnahan  :28 “count”

The easiest way to avoid that problem is to go to the right place to begin with.

Carnahan says voters also need to plan to spend some time voting and suggests they become familiar with what’s on the ballot before they go to the polling place. More than three-million votes are expected in this election, meaning lines could be long at peak times. It’s a long ballot this year that includes four propositions.

One reason voting could take longer is that the legislature eliminated straight ticket voting, forcing voters to mark every candidate and issue they want.