Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, who was given the head coaching job for the final three games of the season, wants this position to become permanent. Crennel wants another shot at running the show saying he still has the “competitive energy.”

Crennel was 24-40 in four seasons with Cleveland. He came into a bad situation with the Browns winning just 10 games in the first two years, but doubled his total the next season going 10-6. After receiving a contract extension, the Browns fell to 4-12 and he was let go.

Chiefs general manager Scot Pioli said that Crennel will be given the opportunity to interview for the job. Two other names that continue to surface are Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Iowa Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz.

While McDaniels has ties to Pioli from their time with the Patriots, his head coaching stint in Denver was a mess and I’m not sure the Chiefs are in a position to give a guy with relatively little experience or success outside of New England a chance. The fans are not ready for another coach to grow into that position.

Ferentz’ name has come up several times when NFL openings have emerged and he’s been content in Iowa.

For the final three games of 2011, Crennel said he doesn’t plan to make big changes with personnel and while he’ll delegate some defensive duties, he’ll continue to call the defensive plays.

Audio Crennel on not making big changes (:30)