Deidre Pujols, the wife of first baseman Albert Pujols, gave an interview with a local St. Louis Christian radio station KLJY (99.1 FM), Joy FM, where Deidre explains why the Pujols family made their decision to leave the Cardinals and St. Louis.

Deidre said the Cardinals made an initial five-year, $130 million offer and they considered that an insult after the club had stated they wanted Albert to be a Cardinal for life. The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported that a source within the club said they offered a 10 year deal, but that it could include a player “option” or “series of options.”

Deidre also said that local support has eroded quickly for their Pujols Foundation charity. Deidre Pujols said she has “never seen hatred spread so fast, and I understand why. Let me say that Albert and I never, not one time, intended to leave the city.”

Here’s the link to the station’s website. The interview was not archived on the site at the time this story was published.