Football fans in Missouri got to see first hand three seasons ago just how bad of a player Ndamukong Suh can be. It was October 2009 and the Missouri Tigers lost 27-12. Suh had six tackles, a forced fumble, an interception and a massive sack on Blaine Gabbert that somehow didn’t snap his ankle in half. The rest of the Suh saga is history.

Fast forward to his NFL career. Suh’s reputation also consists of the $42,000 in fines he’s racked up since entering the NFL last season. All of those fines have come following unnecessary hits on quarterbacks.

Suh was fined 20k this preseason after slamming and flinging around Bengals rookie QB Andy Dalton to the ground after Dalton threw the ball. In 2010, Suh was fined $7,500 for a personal foul on Browns QB Jake Delhomme (in the preseason) and $15,000 for a hit on Bears QB Jay Cutler when he shoved the quarterback well after he released the ball.

Matt Cassel on Suh

Suh has brought new life and a new attitude to the disaster in Detroit.  He had 10 sacks his rookie season and cleaned up the post season awards and now leads not only a strong front four, but with the acquistion of better linebackers, one of the top front seven in the NFL.  “If you don’t start with No. 90, Suh, I think you can be in trouble,” Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said. “That guy can make for a very long afternoon if you don’t have some answers to some problems that there may not be answers to.”