This is the time of year when the state division of alcohol and tobacco control steps up its training sessions for people who wait on tables or tend bars. Division trainers have increased their sessions in college towns—because students are coming back and thousands of new students are moving in. Trainers teach servers of alcoholic beverages how to spot with customers who’ve had too much to drink and how to deal with them without getting hurt.

The three to four hour sessions also teach how to spot fake ID cards, among other things, although agent Nancy McGee says the quality of fake identification cards is getting better. She says she and other agents are seeing more and more foreign businesses making more sophisticated fake ID cards. But she says it’s hard to replicate some of the built-in security features in every state’s drivers licenses.

She says servers are not obligated to confiscate the cards but they can. They’re also not required to keep records of those who try to get illegal access to alcohol. She says it’s up to local or federal prosecutors to seek out the makers of false identification cards.

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