With disasters like the Joplin tornado and flooding on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in mind, the National Weather Service unveils an effort to make you “Weather Ready.”

Eastern Region Director Chris Strager says “Weather Ready” is about making Americans better prepared for major weather events. That includes the pursuit of new technology like Dual Pol radar being installed across the country and developments in the numerical models meteorologists use to predict weather.

Another component is the development of new weather statements to replace the “watch” and “warning” system. Part of that development process will begin later this year at a training facility in Kansas City. Strager says emergency managers, media representatives and weather service staff will work with social scientists in hopes of developing statements that will better urge the public to act.

Strager also emphasized that he hopes to build on the relationship between the Weather Service and local emergency managers, and to look for new ways to get weather information to the public.  He says recent disasters such as those in Missouri renewed a sense of urgency to launch “Weather Ready.”

He urges the public to visit the weather service’s website and join its Facebook and Twitter pages.