Joplin schools start in nine days, and administrators say they’re making sure there are plenty of mental health resources for students and faculty members.

Joplin Schools Superintendent C. J. Huff says the district anticipated the need for additional mental health services right away, and has been preparing all summer. They’ve worked with professionals at the University of Missouri and the Ozark Center, as well as the federal government. He says there were 3,000 students living in the tornado zone. There were seven students and one faculty member who died in the tornado.

Huff says he’s been touring the schools and thinks they’re ready to go for the school year. He says they’ve even added a few new classes in trigonometry and show choir.

Huff says a small upside is that there is an opportunity for some grants during the rebuild. Huff says extra money will go toward more student activities.

School starts Wednesday the 17th.

(AUDIO) Allison Blood reports Mp3 1:02