He has spent a good part of the last twenty years under water…and he’s looking forward to more months beneath the waves. Commander Timothy Rexrode is a career submariner whose first boat was built in the 60s. Now he’s in charge of the Navy’s newest attack submarine. He says it’s an exciting career because it has a long history, deals with high technology, is a unique service that requires elite teams to perform at their peaks.

He and the crew of the new USS Missouri have been training together for a year. They’ve just finished their first sea trials. He says he’s learned his crew was “exceptionally well prepared.” He says he’s also learned the Missouri is “one heck of a submarine.”

He says the Missouri and its sister subs are vital to the national interest because they’re stealthy, covert, and versatile. The Missouri will be part of the Atlantic fleet but Redrode cannot describe where the service area really is or when it will put out to sea again.

AUDIO: Bob Priddy talks to CDR Rexrode (14 min)