University of Missouri’s Director of Athletics Mike Alden joined the Board of Curators for a teleconference Sunday night at 8pm to up the board on the ongoing Big 12 Conference realignment. Chancellor Brady Deaton said no new decisions were made and everyone remains “cautiously optimistic” that the Big 12 will remain intact.

On Tuesday, University of Texas officials will meet and vote whether to stay in the Big 12 or move to the Pac 10. Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe made a strong plea to Texas over the weekend to keep the Big 12 alive. Texas is the lynch pin in this whole thing now. If they leave, others will follow.

On Sunday, Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott made stops at Texas Tech, Texas and Texas A&M, after meeting with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. I also read a report that said Scott was going to make a late night stop in Kansas as a backup plan for Texas A & M, who has some interest from the Southeastern Conference. One of A & M’s concerns with the Pac-10 is travel out west for olympic sports. Officials at A & M admit they are looking at options, but their first desire is to keep the Big 12 going.

The Big 12’s argument to the remaining Big 12 schools, or in this case Texas is that the Big 12 will garner bigger television revenue’s than what the current “Pac 11” will bring.

Missouri’s options could be limited if the Big 12 breaks apart. Mizzou is not bright on the Big Ten radar and if the Big 12 broke up, it’s possible Missouri could be an add-on if the Big Ten wanted to expand to 16 teams. (This is still my prediction). However, a report came out this weekend, that the Mountain West, who added Boise State on Friday would be interested in Mizzou, KU, K-State and Iowa State if the Big 12 broke up. Plus, a story from the Washington Examiner reported the Big East would listen to Missouri and other Big 12 castoffs.