Orthopedic surgeons and medical supplies. As the details about what is needed most in the impoverished country of Haiti after the damage done by a massive earthquake there, the Kansas-City nonprofit group One5 Foundation says there are a lot of crushing wounds.

Brad Gautney, Medical Director for One5 Foundation  has finally made it to Port-au-Prince, Haiti with a team of about 15 to assess the situation there. Gautney says they’re asking for volunteers with medical experience first, and after that there will be a demand for others as well.

He says they’re working with the medical community in Kansas City to collect medical supplies.

“One of the things we’ll be doing this week — we’re assessing today — mobile areas to set up clinics to provide health care,” he says.

He added there are a lot of orphans… “We’re putting barbed wire around the compounds to keep them secure.”

“We’re just doing our best to have an impact where we can.”

He says the frustration is that there is a lack of resources. “We’re almost out of fuel to do anything … infrasturcture is torn down completely, phones are spotty at best.”

He says the team’s been attending to lots of broken bones.

“Wound care is huge.”

He says there’s also a big need for lab supplies. “You can’t buy anything here. There’s nothing.”

Brad Gautney reports from Haiti [14:27]

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