October 5, 2015

T.V. for T.J., as Oshie Mania continues in the United States. Blues forward will star in upcoming playoff commercial

You'll be seeing T.J. Oshie on T.V. during the NHL playoffs.

You’ll be seeing T.J. Oshie on T.V. during the NHL playoffs.

Oshie Mania continues to grow in the United States and we’re going to be seeing more of the Blues forward and Olympic hero on television. On his off day Wednesday, Oshie was filming a commercial that will run during the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Oshie’s shootout success, scoring on four of six attempts to give Team USA a 3-2 victory over Russia has turned him into a national star.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, T-shirts and jersey sales in St. Louis are at an all-time high and he has the best selling American-born player’s jersey on the NHL’s official online store.  Watch my video below to see which player Oshie trails for the top-selling jersey.

Blues fans are hoping to not only see Oshie in commercials, but on the ice with his teammates for a long run in the playoffs.  The Blues continue their quest for the best record in the NHL tonight when they host Edmonton.