Gary Pinkel News Conference: October 10, 2005

MU football coach talked about last Saturday’s win over Oklahoma St., Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week Brian Smith, the need to get better on kick returns and looked ahead to their homecoming tilt with Iowa St.

Gary Pinkel Press Conference: October 3, 2005

Gary Pinkel looks back at MU’s 51-20 loss to Texas, the increased number of turnovers in 2005, being in an early hole in the Big 12 and facing Oklahoma St. on the road.

Gary Pinkel News Conference: September 26, 2005

Head coach Gary Pinkel looks ahead to Saturday’s match up with 2nd-ranked Texas, their lack of depth at linebacker, comparisons between Brad Smith and Vince Young and the return of wide receiver Sean Coffey.

Gary Pinkel Press Conference: 9/12/05

Pinkel talks about loss to New Mexico, freshman tight end Chase Coffman and looks ahead to Saturday’s home game against Troy University.