State Retains Veto Authority Over Indian Gaming

A decision from the federal government will make it harder for an Oklahoma-based Indian tribe to open a casino in Missouri. The deputy assistant secretary for Indian Affairs says a tribe wanting to build a casino would have to get the permission of the governor and...

Card Counters at Casinos Countered

Card-counting in blackjack games is now legal in Missouri. The state gaming commission is allowing it, over the objection of the casinos. But the casinos say they are going to do things to counter card-counters. The decks will be reshuffled more often, some access to...

Gamblers Still Think They Can Win

People gambling in our state casinos are losing 80-million dollars a month. In the first eight months of the state’s fiscal year, gamblers have left more than 640-million dollars in those casinos. Missouri has 15 casinos.