How close is the race for governor in Missouri?

The TV and radio ads are bare-knuckle, no-holds-barred and the race for governor is very close. Will the outcome of the presidential race determine the winner between McCaskill and Blunt… or will the Missouri race have more impact on the national race?

This year’s crop of TV political ads

For many voters, TV ads provide the only contact with the candidate. Can we rely on those ads? And are they any worse this year than in years past?

Too little, too late for Nancy Farmer?

Nancy Farmer is fighting an uphill battle in her campaign for the U.S. Senate. She started running TV ads late because she fell short in her fund-raising. Many voters don’t know who Nancy Farmer is and she must introduce herself in a very short period of...

How important are political debates?

Bush and Kerry haave met for the first of three debates and the second one will be held at Washington University in St. Louis. Debates are important because they can energize base supporters and swing some undecided voters in a close race. The second debate is likely...

Is Missouri still a bellweather state politically?

Is Missouri still a “battleground” state in the presidential campaign? Can Kerry-Edwards make up a 7 point deficit in the polls? Are Missouri voters starting to lean toward the Republican Party? This week on Campaign Watch.