Excess runoff from previous storms and the remnants of Hurricane Beryl are causing levels on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers to reach flood stage resulting in Flood Warnings. Mississippi River levels from the Iowa border down to near Bowling Green are in moderate flood stage, while Missouri River levels from Chamois to the St. Louis area are at minor flood stage. Heavy rainfall could cause river levels to rise higher than predicted, according to the National Weather Service.

Emergency Management Specialist Mike Dulin is with the Army Corps of Engineers’ Kansas City office.

“We want to monitor those watches and warnings very carefully and take into account how high river stages are going to be, so we know when water is going to start getting on levy systems and then potentially have the possibility to overtop,” he told Missourinet.

His office reaches out to levy districts when flooding occurs.

“Then we can provide two types of assistance for them,” he said. “One – technical assistance, which is where we send engineers out in the field. They serve in an advisory role to help troubleshoot any problems, technical problems that levy districts could be having when their systems are loaded with water.”

His office also provides direct assistance when flooding occurs.

“That’s where the Corps of Engineers is able to provide flood fight supplies and materials such as sandbags, pumps, sandbag machines and other rapidly deployable flood barriers,” Dulin said.

If a road is closed due to flooding, drivers should not attempt to go around barricades or drive through flooded areas.

Flood Warnings for both rivers are in effect till later this week. Click here for more information.

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